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Melbourne Schools, Rocky Trail Academy is coming to Redhill and we’re ready to absolutely send it! Join the excitement for the inaugural event.

The Rocky Trail Academy is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport and are part of our junior rider development program.

Geared towards secondary school students these events are held on a Friday for girls and boys categories in Year 7+8 (Junior), Year 9+10 (Intermediate) and Year 11+12 (Senior). They not only engage youth in healthy social and active recreation but brings a heightened appreciation of nature, the environment, self-reliance , self-learning and independence, all as part of riding a bike in the outdoors.

New to Academy racing, check out the Event Guide for everything you need to know. Jump on our Venue Guide for location and parking info. Hit the Stages Guide for info on all the tracks.

Rider briefings are posted 1-2 days prior to the event and event photos are uploaded 24-48 hours after event.


Kickstart your year in style and lock in your trip to Melbourne’s weekend getaway and home to Red Hill mountain bike trails.

Trail Guide

Our 3 Tracks have been designed to test a variety of skills, including endurance, speed and technical ability

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s or send us a message on the chat at the bottom of the page

venue guide

Venue Details

Dromana Pump Track, Boundary Rd &, Lombardy Ave, Dromana VIC 3936

Arthurs Seat State Park offers over 20 kilometres of single-track mountain biking in the Mornington Peninsula – widely known as RedHill Mtb Park.

The trails can be accessed by three major points – Seawind Carpark, Arthurs Seat Rd (South carpark) and Boundary Road (North carpark).

The Event Hub will be access by Boundary Road Carpark, Hillview Community Reserve, Boundary Road, Dromana.

Here you will find toilets, drinking water and a bike maintenance station. The start of the trails is found 400m south (uphill) of the carpark.


The event hub and parking is accessed from Boundary Road.  The entry gate is approximately 100mtr West from the shops.  Look for the Rocky Trail flags when approaching the area.  The north entrance carpark is small and has limited parking.  Travel further down the road and enter into the large open paddock.  This area is closer to the Event Hub.  (see image below)

Please follow the direction of staff on the day.

Team tents space will be available in the event hub area but vehicles will need to be parked in the parking zone. Contact to book your spot.

What’s always at our events:

  • Registration Tent with live timing, merch and race info
  • Podium presentations presented by Sendy Gear
  • Music and live race updates
  • Professional First Aid
  • Trailer mounted port a loos will be located near the Event Hub with access to the public toilets at the Boundary Street carpark.
  • Chainbrain bike shop will be on hand for all those last minute and on trail issues!

What else is happening on race day?

Rocky Trail Edutainment with the Shimano Crew!

Learn from a World Champ! MTB legend and Shimano brand ambassador Paul van der Ploeg joins the fun at the Rocky Trail Academy at Red Hill! Find out more about how to pick the brain of a World Champion, picking his brain about racing strategies, technical skills, and the mental game – an opportunity not to be missed!

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Coffee & Food

We will have Falafel Off The Truck on site through out the event for all your food and refreshment needs!

All Rocky Trail events are Ecotourism Certified in the Nature Tourism category by Ecotourism Australia. This means that with Rocky Trail you are guaranteed to be part of a genuine and authentic trail-based nature experience that looks after the environment.

Our Sustainability Pledge is that we encourage our racers to follow some simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment. In summary, when you attend our events, please take only memories, immerse yourself into nature, enjoy spending time with like-minded people on ‘rocky trails’ and please, leave only footprints and tyre marks on the sanctioned trails and in the event perimeter marked out, if you’re a racer.

What is Academy racing?

Click on the guides below to learn everything about this event

race format


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Podiums & Prizes

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categories & Entry

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Team Manager

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What's Included

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Academy Race Format

  • Competition will consist of 3 timed sections.
  • Tracks have been designed to test a variety of skills, including endurance, speed and technical ability.
  • Riders may ride each timed section up to 5 times on each track with their fastest time counting.
  • Combined best times will be combined for the overall result for each rider
  • Riders earn points for school on each track
  • Bonus points awarded for 1st to 5th on each track
  • Overall Champion School awarded


Event Village & Registration open7:30 AM
Rider Briefing8:50 AM
Race Runs - depending on rider numbers each category may be allocated a track and rotated during the day9:00 - 1:30 PM
Last Race Run1:30 PM
Podium Presentations1:45 PM

Podiums, Points & Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 riders in each category, and Champion School.

  • Junior Male
  • Junior Female
  • Intermediate Male
  • Intermediate Female
  • Senior Male
  • Senior Female
  • Primary Male*
  • Primary Female*

*Selected locations only

Competition Points

Riders in each category will accrue points towards a Secondary Schools award.

  • 1 Point will be allocated for each timed section
  • “Bonus” points will be awarded to the fastest 5 riders on each track per category and for overall fastest 5 accumulated time.
  • 1st -10pts, 2nd – 7pts, 3rd – 4pts, 4th – 2pts and 5th – 1pt.

Categories & Entry Fees


  • Juniors - Years 7 or 8,
  • Intermediate - Years 9 or 10,
  • Seniors – Years 11 or 12
  • Primary - Year 5 & 6 (selected locations only)

Entry Fee

  • Entry is $55.00 per student
  • Open to all school students.
  • Entry fee includes all rider photos ( via link to download post-event)
  • Group student registration is available - contact to arrange


Below are some of the common questions we get, if you cant find what you're after jump on our FAQ page here

Do we need to provide a Team Manager

Schools must provide a Team Manager who who is requested to watch the virtual rider briefing video, communicate to the team course specific details, help identifying parent volunteers on the day and be the emergency contact point if no parent is on site.

Do parents need to be present?

All participants must have a guardian present at the event, however this can be a teacher or nominated team manager.

Can we register students in bulk?

Group student registration is available – contact to arrange

What's the schedule of the day?

Below is the standard schedule for a Rocky Trail Academy; it will always be confirmed via the Rider Briefing, which is sent out on Wednesday (Thursday the latest) before the event.

  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 8.45am – Rider call up – COMPULSORY safety briefing
  • 9.00am – All tracks open for racing
  • 1.30pm – Last race run
  • 1.45pm – Presentation – all students and schools to attend. NEW TEAM AWARD’s
  • 2.00pm – Event closed

Are we allowed to shuttle?

Shuttling is not allowed at Academy events unless it is specified as a shuttled event.

You can assist other riders by pushing them or walking thier bike up. Towing with a rope is not allowed but we do sometimes grant exemptions for very young (and tired) riders.

Do I need insurance?

This is an Auscycling sanctioned event with all registered riders and volunteers covered under Public Liability/Personal Accident Insurance.

Can I restart my run if I have an issue?

Yes you can restart your run as long as you do not cross the finish line.

DO NOT walk back up the trail under any circumstance, please exit the trail and return to the start via the designated liaison.

Can we ride in pairs or in a train?

You can ride in a train if you like, just allow space between each rider at the start, during technical sections and at the finish line.

How does timing work?

Your race plate has a timing chip unique to you and your time starts as soon as you cross the start map (usually 20-30m from start gate) and finishes when you cross the finish line.

How much time do you give between riders

We have start marshal's on all our stages to make sure that everyone gets a clean run at the track. If you think you'll need a bigger gap either before or after you just let them know.

Is a full face helmet and protection mandatory?

Full Face helmets and protection are not mandatory however it is highly recommend that all riders wear one at all times.

Can students use E-bikes?

E-bikes are not permitted other than for support riders & roving marshals. All E-bikes used during the event (including practice) must comply with our E-bikes Policy.

Team Manager

Schools must provide a Team Manager who who is requested to watch the virtual rider briefing video, communicate to the team course specific details, help identifying parent volunteers on the day and be the emergency contact point if no parent is on site. Nominated Team Manager are requested to email Jo Parker at to confirm role and best contact number.

May we ask that the nominated Team Managers contact our Event Manager Jo Parker via email at to confirm school, your contact details and mobile number before the event.

If your school would like to be invoiced for students registration please contact Jo to arrange a registration code. Students/Parents are encouraged to sign up online and throughout the process will be prompted to add their Team Managers name.

Student can register independently of school but need to nominate adult volunteer to support on the day.

Whats Included?

Your registration includes the following:

  • NEW Live Results race portal
  • NEW Scan your race plate for results
  • NEW multiple new venues added to NSW & VIC series
  • Personalised Race Plate with Timing Chip
  • Live Timing throughout the event
  • Free giveaways
  • Professional First Aid
  • Event Marshalls
  • Food, Coffee & Drinks Vendors
  • Neutral Service / Repairs


This is a great opportunity for parents to get involved in this sport!

We ask that each school supplies a minimum of one Volunteer for the whole day but the more the merrier is welcome. Volunteers may be asked to marshal the course, watch for injured riders and rule adherence, help organise riders at the start, assist timing, or assist at registrations.

Students that register independently of school need to nominate an adult to provide event support on the day.

For more information or to register your interest click here to visit our Rocky Trail Entertainment Volunteer page.


This is an Auscycling sanctioned event with all registered riders and volunteers covered under Public Liability/Personal Accident