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The Rocky Trail Academy is coming back to Nerang and this time its the big one: the Graduation Cup.

The Rocky Trail Academy Graduation Cup is the ultimate test of skill and determination for racing students! This Special Edition schools competition brings together the best riders from across the region to compete for the Rocky Trail Academy Championship Titles across male and female age divisions. Introducing a new TEAM format into the regular Academy. This will make for a fierce competition with the stakes high.

The Graduation Cup offers three challenging course that will test each rider’s abilities, with a mix of technical sections and fast descents that will keep the riders on their toes. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talents and compete against the best mountain bikers in your age division to claim the Championship Title for your school! Be a part of the excitement and get ready for the Rocky Trail Academy Graduation Cup!

Rider briefings are posted 1-2 days prior to the event and event photos are uploaded 24-48 hours after event.


As if you need an excuse for a weekend of riding on the Goldy with your mates! World class trails await and the fun is guaranteed!

Trail Guide

Our 3 Tracks have been designed to test a variety of skills, including endurance, speed and technical ability

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s or send us a message on the chat at the bottom of the page

venue guide

Venue Details

Nerang National ParkHope Street Nerang QLD (click for directions)

Only 12km from Surfers Paradise, Nerang National Park is home of one of the trail networks of the Gold Coast MTB Club.

Rocky Trail Entertainment works closely with the local clubs and land owners or venue managers to make sure each event has the lowest environment impact as possible.


8 Hope St, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia


  • Limited onsite Vehicle parking is allowed along the outside edge of the crit track. Please follow the directions of the event crew when arriving.
  • School buses/trailers can be parked onsite in the scout hall area and lower grandstand parking bay. Entry is via the gate opposite Scout Hall and Sims Metal works.
  • Overflow parking is along Hope Street and local streets. Please ensure you park legally and don’t block any driveways. Parking inspectors are known to visit the area.

Please make sure your vehicle is parked considerately and does not impact access to the event center or trails.

See details below for parking.

Event Services

  • Registration Tent with live timing, merch and race info
  • Giveaways
  • Space for school team tents – email to secure a spot and size of marquee
  • Music and live race updates
  • Professional First Aid
  • Onsite Toilets are located near the grandstand building.

Food & Refreshments

No event is complete without awesome coffee, epic food and plenty of cold refreshments!

  • Nerang State High School Community program bbq is back with lots of yummy burgers and sausage sandwiches on offer. Bring cash or card
  • Grab your favourite hot drink from Johnno at Groupset Coffee – onsite all morning

Support the businesses that support our events.

Plus we are supporting 10centtom – collection of cans and plastic bottles across the weekend.

Our Sustainability Pledge

All Rocky Trail events are Ecotourism Certified in the Nature Tourism category by Ecotourism Australia. This means that with Rocky Trail you are guaranteed to be part of a genuine and authentic trail-based nature experience that looks after the environment.

Our Sustainability Pledge is that we encourage our racers to follow some simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment. In summary, when you attend our events, please take only memories, immerse yourself into nature, enjoy spending time with like-minded people on ‘rocky trails’ and please, leave only footprints and tyre marks on the sanctioned trails and in the event perimeter marked out, if you’re a racer.

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How to Book: 

Bookings need to make via phone call/park direct only, mention the discount code, “Mountain Bike Events 10%”

What is Graduation Cup racing?

Click on the guides below to learn everything about this event

Graduation Cup format

Graduation Cup Rules

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Podiums & Prizes

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Graduation Cup categories

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Team Manager

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How To Enter

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What's Included

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Graduation Cup Format

We are excited to announce a new and thrilling mountain bike competition that combines individual skill with team spirit. The competition is designed to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among riders while showcasing their abilities in a challenging and exciting environment. Our unique format encourages teamwork and ensures a fair and competitive environment while providing opportunities for male and female riders to shine within their respective teams.

Team Composition:

  • Each male team will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 riders - per category
  • Each female team will consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 riders - per category
  • This flexible team size allows schools to assemble teams based on the available riders and ensures that both male and female teams have an appropriate number of members.

Individual Rider Results:

  • Each rider will participate in the competition individually, tackling a variety of challenging
    mountain bike courses.
  • Riders will be ranked individually based on their performance in the designated courses, taking into account factors like time, technical skills, and overall performance.
  • Individual rankings will contribute to the team's overall score.

Team Score Calculation:

  • For male teams, the team score will be calculated based on the aggregated ranking scores of the lowest three ranked male riders in the team.
  • For female teams, the team score will be calculated based on the aggregated ranking scores of the lowest two ranked female riders in the team.
  • The lower the aggregated score, the better the team's performance.
  • By considering the lowest rankings of three male riders and two female riders respectively, we aim to emphasize the importance of teamwork, strategy, and collaboration to achieve overall success.

Competition Format:

  • Each rider must complete a minimum of 1 timed run on each of the three designated tracks. This requirement ensures that all riders have the opportunity to showcase their skills on each track and contribute to their team's overall performance.
  • The competition consists of three timed sections, each designed to test a specific set of skills such as endurance, speed, and technical ability.
  • By incorporating a variety of track types, the competition aims to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive assessment of the riders' capabilities.


  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 8.45am – Rider call up – COMPULSORY safety briefing
  • 9.00am – All tracks open for racing
  • 1.30pm – Last race run
  • 1.45pm – Presentation – all students and schools to attend. NEW TEAM AWARD’s
  • 2.00pm – Event closed

Graduation Cup Rules

Team changes are typically not allowed after the registration deadline to maintain consistency and
fairness throughout the competition. However, there might be certain circumstances where team
changes can be considered. Here are some examples of circumstances where team changes might
be allowed after the registration deadline:

  1. Injury or Illness: If a registered team member sustains an injury or falls ill and is unable to
    participate, a team change may be considered to replace that member. Proper
    documentation or medical certificates may be required to support the request.
  2. Unforeseen Circumstances: In exceptional cases, such as unforeseen personal or family
    emergencies, team changes might be allowed. These situations would need to be reviewed
    and approved on a case-by-case basis by the competition organizers.
  3. Administrative Errors: If there were administrative errors during the initial team nomination
    process, such as incorrect information or accidental omissions, the organizers may allow
    necessary corrections to ensure accurate team composition.
    It is important to note that any team changes allowed after the registration deadline need to be
    submitted by email to for approval.
    It is recommended to reach out to the competition organizers directly to inquire about their specific
    policies and procedures regarding team changes after the registration deadline. They will be able to
    provide accurate information and guidance based on the competition's rules and regulations.

Podiums, Points & Prizes

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top-performing team in each category based on their final scores.
  • In addition to individual achievements, team spirit and sportsmanship will also be recognized through special awards.
  • The competition aims to celebrate both individual excellence and team collaboration

We believe that our School-Based Mountain Bike Competition: Team Challenge will provide an exciting platform for riders to showcase their abilities, promote teamwork, and create lasting memories.

So, gather your team, prepare your bikes, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the trails!

Categories & Entry Fees


  • Juniors - Years 7 or 8,
  • Intermediate - Years 9 or 10,
  • Seniors – Years 11 or 12
  • Primary - Year 5 & 6 (selected locations only)

Entry Fee

  • Entry is $55.00 per student
  • Open to all school students.
  • Entry fee includes all rider photos ( via link to download post-event)
  • Group student registration is available - contact to arrange


Below are some of the common questions we get, if you cant find what you're after jump on our FAQ page here

Do we need to provide a Team Manager

Schools must provide a Team Manager who who is requested to watch the virtual rider briefing video, communicate to the team course specific details, help identifying parent volunteers on the day and be the emergency contact point if no parent is on site.

Do parents need to be present?

All participants must have a guardian present at the event, however this can be a teacher or nominated team manager.

Can we register students in bulk?

Group student registration is available – contact to arrange

What's the schedule of the day?

Below is the standard schedule for a Rocky Trail Academy; it will always be confirmed via the Rider Briefing, which is sent out on Wednesday (Thursday the latest) before the event.

  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 8.45am – Rider call up – COMPULSORY safety briefing
  • 9.00am – All tracks open for racing
  • 1.30pm – Last race run
  • 1.45pm – Presentation – all students and schools to attend. NEW TEAM AWARD’s
  • 2.00pm – Event closed

Are we allowed to shuttle?

Shuttling is not allowed at Academy events unless it is specified as a shuttled event.

You can assist other riders by pushing them or walking thier bike up. Towing with a rope is not allowed but we do sometimes grant exemptions for very young (and tired) riders.

Do I need insurance?

This is an Auscycling sanctioned event with all registered riders and volunteers covered under Public Liability/Personal Accident Insurance.

Can I restart my run if I have an issue?

Yes you can restart your run as long as you do not cross the finish line.

DO NOT walk back up the trail under any circumstance, please exit the trail and return to the start via the designated liaison.

Can we ride in pairs or in a train?

You can ride in a train if you like, just allow space between each rider at the start, during technical sections and at the finish line.

How does timing work?

Your race plate has a timing chip unique to you and your time starts as soon as you cross the start map (usually 20-30m from start gate) and finishes when you cross the finish line.

How much time do you give between riders

We have start marshal's on all our stages to make sure that everyone gets a clean run at the track. If you think you'll need a bigger gap either before or after you just let them know.

Is a full face helmet and protection mandatory?

Full Face helmets and protection are not mandatory however it is highly recommend that all riders wear one at all times.

Can students use E-bikes?

E-bikes are not permitted other than for support riders & roving marshals. All E-bikes used during the event (including practice) must comply with our E-bikes Policy.

Team Manager

Schools must provide a Team Manager who who is requested to watch the virtual rider briefing video, communicate to the team course specific details, help identifying parent volunteers on the day and be the emergency contact point if no parent is on site. Nominated Team Manager are requested to email Jo Parker at to confirm role and best contact number.

May we ask that the nominated Team Managers contact our Event Manager Jo Parker via email at to confirm school, your contact details and mobile number before the event.

If your school would like to be invoiced for students registration please contact Jo to arrange a registration code. Students/Parents are encouraged to sign up online and throughout the process will be prompted to add their Team Managers name.

Student can register independently of school but need to nominate adult volunteer to support on the day.

Registration for the School-Based Mountain Bike Competition: Team Challenge is a simple and convenient process. Here's an overview of the registration process:

Online Registration:

Students interested in participating in the competition will need to register online through the designated registration platform and advise school team manager.  Students are welcome to attend independently as well; the Graduation Cup is an additional team classification. The event will still show the classic Rocky Trail Academy Results for individual riders IN ADDITION to those team classification results. Riders who are nominated in this form in the correct team configuration (see below), will show up in the Graduation Cup Team classification.

Team Manager Nomination:

Each school will have a designated team manager who will coordinate the registration process.

The team manager, typically a teacher or faculty member, will gather the necessary information from the students and complete the team nomination process on their behalf.

Team Nomination:

The School team manager is responsible for nominating the final team 

To nominate the makeup of your team for the Challenge Cup: Team Challenge, please follow these steps:

  1. Team Manager Responsibility:
  • As the team manager, it is your responsibility to coordinate the team nomination process.
  • Communicate with the students who are interested in participating and gather the necessary information from them.
  • Check all students have registered prior to submitting the team form
  1. Determine Team Size:
  • Determine the appropriate team size based on the competition rules and guidelines.
  • For male teams, the team should consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 male riders - per category
  • For female teams, the team should consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 female riders - per category
  1. Gather Rider Information:
  • Collect the following information from each rider: full name, gender, category, and contact details.
  1. Submit the Team Nomination:
  • Submit Google Form - click here
  • Fill in the required information for each rider, including their full name, category, gender, and contact details.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the registration platform to submit the team nomination.
  1. Double-Check the Information
  • Before submitting the team nomination, double-check all the information to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  1. Submission Deadline:
  • Submit the team nomination before the close of business on the 5th of September, as specified in the competition guidelines.
  • Be mindful of the deadline to secure your team's participation in the competition.

Once the team nomination is successfully submitted, monitor the online rider list to ensure team listing is correct.

Remember, as the team manager, you play a vital role in organizing and nominating the team makeup. Encourage teamwork, support your riders, and ensure all necessary information is provided for a successful participation in the School-Based Mountain Bike Competition: Team Challenge.

Whats Included?

Your registration includes the following:

  • NEW Live Results race portal
  • NEW Scan your race plate for results
  • NEW multiple new venues added to NSW & VIC series
  • Personalised Race Plate with Timing Chip
  • Live Timing throughout the event
  • Free photos of you out on track
  • Free giveaways
  • Professional First Aid
  • Event Marshalls
  • Food, Coffee & Drinks Vendors
  • Neutral Service / Repairs


This is an Auscycling sanctioned event with all registered riders and volunteers covered under Public Liability/Personal Accident