HaveAGo at an Olympic Sport: Rocky Trail Academy on Friday 23 June

A great initiative that we’d like to share: HaveAGo at an Olympic Sport! In celebration of Olympic Day 2023, the Australian Olympic Committee is inviting you to have a go at an Olympic sport on Friday 23 June.

We’re having our Rocky Trail Academy at Woolgoolga’s Wedding Bells Trails on the NSW Coffs Coast on that day and we’re looking forward to our young shredders and school students to share their day’s excitement and experiences. We’re also inviting the Rocky Trail community to also have a ride – below are links and information from the Olympic Committee communication:

HaveAGo at Olympic Sports

Friday 23 June – Olympic Day is a chance to celebrate the Olympic spirit by moving, learning and discovering new things at home, in your community, at school and at work. This year, on Friday 23 June, the Australian Olympic Committee invites you to organise a time to try a new sport or rekindle your love for your favourite sport.

We say, “Race or ride your bike that day and share it with the Olympic and Rocky Trail community!”, because we agree that “Great things happen when you #HaveAGo.”

HaveAGo in Schools

Simply organise an activity featuring at least one Olympic Sport, like mountain biking – the perfect opportunity to be participating in the Rocky Trail Academy at Woolgoolga on the NSW Coffs Coast – did you know it’s followed by a Fox Superflow® weekend?

What next?

  • Publish a video or photo on social media of your class having a go using the hashtags #HaveAGo | #LetsMove | #OlympicDay | #rockytrailacademy | #rockytrailracer | #rockytrailentertainment. Or you can upload your content here.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Did you know, that you can also REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL to have an Olympian visit? Visit the Australian Olympic Committee website for more details here.

HaveAGo at Work

Bring an Olympic sport into your place of work on Friday 23 June. Organise for you and your colleagues to #HaveAGo at an Olympic sport before work, during your lunchbreak or after work – go for a ride on “rocky trails” together? – Or have a reccy lap at Woolgoolga ahead of the Fox Superflow®?

What next?

  • Publish a video or image on social media using the following hashtags #HaveAGo | #LetsMove | #OlympicDay | #rockytrailracer | #rockytrailentertainment

Here’s a summary:

Keen to race with Rocky Trail on that weekend?

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