Mountain Bike Legend Paul van der Ploeg Heads to Rocky Trail Academy!

Imagine this:

Spending a day under the guidance of a World Champion, picking his brain about racing strategies, technical skills, and the mental game – an opportunity not to be missed!

Shimano & Rocky Trail: Growing the Next Generation of Shredders!

We’re thrilled to have Shimano Cycling Australia, a champion for grassroots development in mountain biking, join forces with the Rocky Trail Academy! Their passion for nurturing young talent aligns perfectly with our mission.

Get ready to learn from the best as mountain bike superstar and Shimano brand ambassador Paul van der Ploeg joins the fun at the Rocky Trail Academy – first stop: the first Rocky Trail Academy at Red Hill MTB Park in Melbourne!

But this isn’t just about a star rider! Shimano has been a huge supporter of Rocky Trail since the very beginning, and their dedication to growing the sport through events like the Academy is truly inspiring.

Paul’s presence perfectly embodies this partnership. Not only is he a World Champion and incredible racer, but his passion for sharing his knowledge and skills aligns perfectly with the Academy’s mission.

World Champion, Skillful Racer, Downright Awesome Dude:

Paul van der Ploeg is more than just a name in the mountain bike world. He’s a World Champion in the Eliminator category (2013), a podium finisher on the Asian UCI circuit, and a multiple-time Australian National Cyclocross Champion. But Paul’s accomplishments extend far beyond the race course.

Passing the Torch:

Paul is a passionate advocate for the sport, inspiring a new generation of riders with his infectious enthusiasm and dedication. As a highly respected influencer in the mountain bike community, he uses his platform to promote the sport and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

Shimano’s Secret Weapon (and Yours Too!):

As a Shimano ambassador, Paul embodies the spirit of innovation and precision that the brand represents. His deep understanding of their components and how they translate to peak performance on the trails makes him an invaluable resource for aspiring young riders.

Rocky Trail Academy x Shimano: A Winning Partnership:

Shimano’s support for the Rocky Trail Academy is a testament to their commitment to nurturing future mountain bike talent. Paul van der Ploeg’s presence at the Red Hill event perfectly exemplifies this partnership.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best!

Sign up for the Rocky Trail Academy at Red Hill MTB Park and get ready to take your event prep and riding to the next level with Paul van der Ploeg. See you on the trails!

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