Rocky Trail Academy Race Guide

It is all about encouraging students of all abilities to come and race with their mates in a safe and social environment.

What Is Rocky Trail Academy Racing?

The Rocky Trail Academy is all about fostering the grass-roots development of the cycling sport and are part of our junior rider development program.

Geared towards secondary school students these events are held on a Friday and not only engage youth in healthy social and active recreation but brings a heightened appreciation of nature, the environment, self-reliance , self-learning and independence, all as part of riding a bike in the outdoors. By extension, this program also engages and educates teachers and parents.

They will have an exciting racing experience and enjoy a fun event atmosphere together – great memories to share! Students will have the opportunity to test their riding ability across three skill areas on some of the most popular mountain bike trails across QLD, NSW, ACT and in VIC – EnduranceSpeed and Technical Skills.

Rocky Trail Academy Format

3 Timed Enduro Stages, 5 Runs, Fastest On Each Counts!

  • Competition will consist of 3 timed sections.
  • Tracks have been designed to test a variety of skills, including endurance, speed and technical ability.
  • Riders may ride each timed section up to 5 times on each track with their fastest time counting.
  • Combined best times will be combined for the overall result for each rider.
  • Riders earn points for school on each track
  • Bonus points awarded for 1st to 5th on each track
  • Overall Champion School awarded

Why Schools choose Rocky Trail Academy

Excited junior racers

Kids love the flexible format and the LIVE timing. The get to spend a school day on their bike and with friends – many schools take students to the event as a reward as part of a school MTB program.

Relaxed Teachers

Teachers enjoy the comprehensive information in the event lead up and that info material is provided for easy communication to principals, fellow teachers and parents. The professional organisation by Rocky Trail on the day is valued highly.

Impressed Parents

Parents see the value in the events – the entry fee is affordable, which includes all race photos and AusCycling insurance.

The Schedule

The following schedule applies to both 1 & 2 day events.

  • Registration Open – 7:30am
  • Compulsory Rider Briefing – 8:50am
  • Race Start – 9:00am
  • Last Race Run – 1:30pm
  • Podium Presentations – 1:45pm

Categories & Entry


  • Juniors – Years 7 or 8,
  • Intermediate – Years 9 or 10,
  • Seniors – Years 11 or 12
  • Primary – Year 5 & 6 (selected events)

Entry Fee

  • Entry is $55.00 per student
  • Open to all school students.
  • Entry fee includes all rider photos ( via link to download post-event)
  • Group student registration is available – contact to arrange

What’s Included?

Registration includes the following:

  • Personalised Race Plate with timing chip
  • Podium presentations supported by Sendy
  • Live Timing throughout the event
  • Free giveaways from our event partners
  • Professional First Aid
  • Race Starters on all stages
  • Event Marshalls
  • Event Village with music and race commentary
  • Food, Coffee & Drinks Vendors
  • Neutral Service / Repairs
  • Toilets
  • Event photography

Photos by Rocky Trail:

The Rules

  • You ride up to the starts – this time does not count. Shuttling or towing is not allowed.
  • You race down on a pre-determined track. Riders are required to stay on the designated marked track. No short cutting the track even if it is not bunted – this time does count.
  • Passing: being friendly out on the track goes a long way. Let the rider you are about to pass know when and on which side. E.g. “rider coming up, passing on your right when you are ready”. Then say thanks and keep on smashing it. If you are being passed find the next best place to move to the side and let them pass.
  • If a race is deemed unsafe because of storm, rain, fire etc we will pause it, assess the situation and if possible restart it again when safe.
  • Riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
  • Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorised sponsors’ logos on numbers can result in a penalty. You can keep your number plate as a memento of your race.
  • All riders must wear a bike helmet that has been authorised by Australian Standards (or approved international standard) at all times when riding and racing. You will be required to wear fully enclosed foot wear and gloves are recommended.
  • Riders do not have to be a member of a cycling association or club to be allowed to race.
  • Riders are covered under Aus Cycling event insurance. If you have any questions, please contact Event Manager Jo Parker at Rocky Trail Entertainment.
  • No garbage policy: please don’t litter out on the track. We will penalise you if we see you do it.
  • Riders are required to provide assistance to injured riders by staying with the injured rider until assistance arrives and notifying the next rider to inform the next track official. Riders providing assistance will be permitted to have a rerun even if the allocated time has elapsed.
  • Riders must be registered in their own name and not substitute for other riders without the prior consent of the race organiser.
  • Riders must not permit another rider to ride their bike with the numberplate attached. If sharing a bike you must remove the numberplate.
  • Riders must only use one bike for racing. if a bike replacement is required due to mechanical issues approval must be sort from the Race Director.
  • E-bikes are not permitted other than for support riders & roving marshals. All E-bikes used during the event (including practice) must comply with our E-bikes Policy.

Graduation Cup Format

We are excited to announce a new and thrilling mountain bike competition that combines individual skill with team spirit. The competition is designed to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among riders while showcasing their abilities in a challenging and exciting environment. Our unique format encourages teamwork and ensures a fair and competitive environment while providing opportunities for male and female riders to shine within their respective teams.

Team Composition:

  • Each male team will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 riders – per category
  • Each female team will consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 riders – per category
  • This flexible team size allows schools to assemble teams based on the available riders and ensures that both male and female teams have an appropriate number of members.

Individual Rider Results:

  • Each rider will participate in the competition individually, tackling a variety of challenging
    mountain bike courses.
  • Riders will be ranked individually based on their performance in the designated courses, taking into account factors like time, technical skills, and overall performance.
  • Individual rankings will contribute to the team’s overall score.

Team Score Calculation:

  • For male teams, the team score will be calculated based on the aggregated ranking scores of the lowest three ranked male riders in the team.
  • For female teams, the team score will be calculated based on the aggregated ranking scores of the lowest two ranked female riders in the team.
  • The lower the aggregated score, the better the team’s performance.
  • By considering the lowest rankings of three male riders and two female riders respectively, we aim to emphasize the importance of teamwork, strategy, and collaboration to achieve overall success.

Competition Format:

  • Each rider must complete a minimum of 1 timed run on each of the three designated tracks. This requirement ensures that all riders have the opportunity to showcase their skills on each track and contribute to their team’s overall performance.
  • The competition consists of three timed sections, each designed to test a specific set of skills such as endurance, speed, and technical ability.
  • By incorporating a variety of track types, the competition aims to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive assessment of the riders’ capabilities.


  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 8.45am – Rider call up – COMPULSORY safety briefing
  • 9.00am – All tracks open for racing
  • 1.30pm – Last race run
  • 1.45pm – Presentation – all students and schools to attend. NEW TEAM AWARD’s
  • 2.00pm – Event closed

Rocky Trail Rewards

Rocky Trail Entertainment is excited to offer our rewards program to all Academy riders.

Our rewards program has been designed to provide a range of exclusive benefits and incentives to our customers, including discounts on insurance, equipment, bike repairs & services, skills sessions, clothing, coaching, and accommodation.

As one of Australia’s leading mountain bike event organizers, we understand the importance of fostering a strong community of passionate riders, and our rewards program is just one way we can give back to our customers and show our appreciation for their ongoing support.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our rewards program is the perfect way to get even more out of your time with Rocky Trail Entertainment.

Eco Certification

All Rocky Trail events have the Ecotourism Australia Nature Certification status. This ECO Certification program is a world first and it has been developed to address the need to identify genuine nature and ecotourism operators. This means that with Rocky Trail you are guaranteed to be part of a genuine and authentic trail-based nature experience that looks after the environment.

Our Sustainability Pledge – We encourage our racers to follow some simple tips to ‘tread softly’ when visiting the bush and minimise damage to the natural environment. These guidelines are laid out in our Sustainability Policy and will be communicated and encouraged via Rider Briefings and at the events.

Transfer or Cancel Entry

If your school or your students are unable to make the event please send an email to

Up to 1 week prior to the event you will receive 80% of your entry back. With less than a week to go we are not able to do refunds but you can either transfer the entry to someone else or get it credited towards another Rocky Trail Entertainment within the next 12 months. We are not able to give any refunds or credits after the race has commenced..

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