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Building resilience and life skills on rocky trails!

This event is part of the Rocky Trail Academy junior development program, sponsored by Shimano, Marzocchi and Sendy Gear and endorsed by AusCycling.


Read the full rider brief information below.


The first of two Rocky Trail Academy events in Canberra this year – for the first time in combination with a Fox Superflow® weekend on the front side of UC Stromlo. We’ve got a big weekend coming up with eBike Demos and World Bicycle Relief activations – scroll down to find out more about all the action!

New to Academy racing? Check out the Event Guide for everything you need to know. Jump on our Venue Guide for location and parking info. Hit the Track Guide for info on all the tracks. Our team has been on-site and have provided some more information about the race day – scroll down for the detailed Rider Briefing.

Key things to remember:

  • EVENT FORMAT: 3 timed race tracks from 9am – 1:30pm offering a balanced skillset challenge and a rewarding experience for all – from “park rats” to inexperienced riders and already racing kids. Competition will consist of 3 timed stages and neutral liaison rides: Endurance, Speed and Technical Skills. Parent and teacher marshalling and volunteering welcome! Please see Jo at registration to offer your assistance.
  • Podiums will be awarded for the top 3 riders in each category, and Champions school (Primary & Secondary)

Event services and facilities:

  • The Handlebar Cafe will be open from 9am serving hot food, snacks and drinks.  Card payments only.
  • No bike support available on site.  Please bring your own spare tubes and tools to keep your wheels rolling.
  • School marquees are welcome to be setup in the Event Hub area. Email jo@rockytrailentertainment.com to secure a spot. Bus and Trailer parking available near the event hub.
  • Toilets and showers are available under the Pavilion building near the crit track.


Perfect Racing conditions, chilly start 4c warming up to 17c. Sunny skies are expected.


We encourage volunteering and we need your help! – Parent/teacher volunteers required on the day. Roles include bike and course marshalling. Add your name to the list at registration, or register via https://rockytrailentertainment.com/home/volunteering/ and we will create a roster on the day. Bring a Bike or chair, jumper and sunscreen, wear walking shoes and prepare a loud cheering voice to encourage the kids out on track.  Come and have a great day in the outdoors!

We need 5-6 marshal spots for each time slot (9am until 10.30, 10:30 to Midday, Midday to 1.30pm)

Venue Information:

Address: Stromlo Forest Park, Dave McInnes Road, Stromlo ACT – click here for Directions

Event Hub: This event is held on the “front” of the mountain or Eastern side. We love the ever-expanding and evolving trail network and putting together our favourite trail combinations for our events, always inspired by input from our local racers! More information about Stromlo Forest Park can be found here: www.stromloforestpark.com.au – It is a public MTB track and you can ride it in the lead up to the race.

Paid Parking – Important:

  • In response to increased visitation and to help improve user safety, the ACT Government has upgraded University of Canberra Stromlo Forest Park (UC Stromlo) carpark.
  • The new carpark provides 487 parking spaces, including a free 15 minute drop off zone, motorbike parking, longer vehicle parking and accessible parking.
  • Paid parking times reflects the same opening hours as the park: 6am-6pm during non-daylight savings time and 6am-9pm during daylight savings time.
  • All parking funds will be reinvested back into the University of Canberra Stromlo Forest Park, being used to maintain trails and for other facility upgrades.
  • More details – click here.

Race Course Description:

  • SHIMANO – The Technical course will use the very popular “Trebuchet” from the bridge to the middle fire road before dropping into “Wallaby Run”, The “Play Ground” and onto the “Downhill Finish” to the event Hub. Riders will need to be able to jump and handle small drops whilst maintaining speed and control. 1.4km long and descending 100m.
  • BOMBER – The Speed course will be the full length of the “Luge” track. Riders will have to maintain speed over the 29 turns including tight bermed and open fast corners. The neutral transition back to the event hub down the “Old Duffy Descent”. ~1.2km long and descending 90m.
  • SENDY – The Pedal course will start at the tunnel under the downhill finish. The riders will race “Papparazzi” “Fence line” and “Rascals”. This relatively flat one kilometre loop includes the fun pump section that might give legs a break but will keep the pressure on hearts and minds. 1.2km long.

Schedule for the day:


  • 7.30am – Registration opens
  • 8.45am – Rider call up – compulsory safety briefing
  • 9.00am – All tracks open for racing
  • 1.30pm – Last race run
  • 1.45pm – Presentation
  • 2.00pm – Event closed

Course Marking:

  • Course marking is a combination of Orange laminated A4 signs and bunting tape.
  • Liaison stages (=untimed “up” to start trails) are marked with “Neutral to Start” and arrows signage
  • On track riders must stay within the designated trail and are not allowed to cross bunting tape.
  • Riders who are seen to shortcut race tracks will have timed runs removed from the result.

We can’t wait to see you smashing it! –



What else is happening on race day?

Fox Superflow® riders arriving for the weekend event

This is the first time we’re running a Friday Academy on the Front/East side of the Stromlo hill in combination with a Superflow® (Info below). Many racers will arrive early, keen to ride the race tracks and many are doing shuttle runs with Dynamic Motivation on Friday; we are giving those riders a heads-up that they need to look out for you and have slightly adjusted the race tracks so that both public riders and you Academy racers get back to the event village smoothly and safely.

We have been communicating the following:

🚵 Friday, all back-side tracks are open
🚵 We adjusted the race tracks for Academy at the front, so that other riders can ride from top to the bridge (via Skyline or otherwise), then Caroline’s, Triple Treat, cross to bottom Trebuchet and be mindful of riders on bottom part of Old Duffy.
🚵 The Academy race track finishes at the end of Luge before Old Duffy.
🚵 The Dynamic Motivation shuttle is running until 5pm on the Friday so folks can practice the Superflow® trails from 1:30pm.

As always, we’re making this work for as many people as possible! See you at Stromlo, we can’t wait!

We can’t wait to see you smashing it! After the event we will provide links for you to access content from the race. Be sure to download them after the race and share your stories with eeeeeveryone using:


We are guaranteed a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all here!

Emergency contacts:

Race Director – Bob Morris 0458 299 558
Event Director – Jo Parker – 0424 955 332

What else is happening at UC Stromlo this weekend?

Join in the Fox Superflow® action with an exciting gravity smash fest, challenging enduro liaison climbs, and beautiful nature all around.

5 race runs possible on each, fastest on each counts – times are combined for the results! Elite racer, grom or noob, any age, will have a blast: there are no harsh cut-off times or start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and each lock your own best race run in!

Spots still available!

What else is on?

eBike Demos all weekend!

Be the first to experience the latest eBikes! We have two dedicated demo tracks in ADDITION to the race courses. This is your chance to test ride the hottest eBikes on tracks designed to show off their capabilities!

  • The GASGAS eBike team will have their rigs on show and ready to demo  – check out the first carbon GASGAS eBikes in Australia! Book your demo ride in on-site!
  • TREK Australia will have a massive fleet available to demo all weekend! Book your demo ride in on-site!
  • FANTIC Bikes will be represented by Vertigo Sports – check out and demo their rigs with us!
  • On display: Pivot eBikes through the local Bikeculture shop

More Exhibitors

See the crews on-site to book your demo ride in!

Don’t forget – get your entry into the Focus comp via Flow MTB!

About the Rocky Trail Academy Schools events

This popular schools comp with timed sections and multiple runs provides a fun racing experience for the next generations of mountain bikers. The Queensland season of Academies has been huge with over 300+ riders at each round. Chat to Jo at rego if you are interested to have your school involved in the planning.

The format was the brain-child of Bob Morris and Jo Parker, our National Event Managers, who looked to create a format that tested multiple skills of mountain biking, whilst challenging the skilled pinner and yet providing an opportunity for riders of all abilities to have a go. Courses are designed to have a flat pedal for XC riders to excel, a technical gravity track for the gravity pinners to shine, and a flow track for the funsters to speed down. The format duplicates our very popular Fox Superflow with 3 tracks, multiple runs, and live timing, in a social safe environment.

Watching the growth of schools offering Mountain Bike programs as a school sport just demonstrates the tremendous popularity of Mountain Biking in the community and the benefits to all. Jo Parker, strives to see #morekidsonbikes and #moregirlsonbikes.

With 20 Academies planned for 2024 it is going to be an epic year of school events. Subscribe now to our newsletter to stay up to date with all of our announcements.


Last-minute changes are communicated via:

Rocky Trail Merchandise

  • Rocky Trail Jerseys designed by Dharco ($75-$85)
  • Limited stock: Rocky Trail X Sendy Hoodies $65 and T-shirts $35
  • Socks $20
  • Mudguards $20
  • Available from the Rocky Trail rego desk all weekend!

Event Content

We can’t wait to see you smashing it! After the event we will provide links for you to access content from the race. Be sure to download them after the race and share your stories with eeeeeveryone using:


We are guaranteed a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all here!

General race regulations

  • Race etiquette – Important: you MUST adhere to social distancing rules AND rude behaviour out on track is not acceptable. Please be kind to each other. We are all here to have fun. Chat to our Event Managers if you have any questions.
  • We love to help and chat! Our staff at rego and at the starts are there to help. Talk to them.
  • Don’t litter – please take your rubbish back with you or throw it in the bins/bags near the registration tent.
  • Timing will be done with your timing chip – please ensure it is on your bike/attached to your chest and in the MTB that the plastic doesn’t touch any metal parts of your bike (e.g. don’t wrap the number plate around your handlebar).
  • You agreed to our RACE WAIVER when you registered online – here is a link to the RACE WAIVER again
  • Click here for DETAILED RACE RULES

Any questions?

Talk to us via our online chat – click on the orange circle symbol on your bottom right screen corner and we’ll be right with you! (We always love talking bikes, racing and riding!)

See you soon.

See. You. Soon.

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